A Little Bit of Paint Goes a Long Way

It’s amazing how big a change a little paint can make!

Control Freak Chronicles

A touch of paint can change a whole room or a really outdated dresser!  We don’t always need NEW and in my world I love old vintage and antique items.  They have history, character, and a story. Especially ones that have been in the family for many years.  Antique furniture can be left unfinished to add a rustic look to any home, but this isn’t everyone’s style and sometimes furniture needs a face lift to be relevant.  Thank goodness it’s purely cosmetic and nothing some paint can’t fix!

Pinterest Ombre DresserIn 2013, when designing and decorating Anya’s nursery, we weren’t out to break the bank, especially on furniture.  For one, we couldn’t afford it, and two, we knew the furniture wasn’t going to have a long shelf life since kids grow up so fast!  I had found this picture of an ombré dresser on Pinterest (pictured to the left).  The colors were a perfect match and the…

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Just starting out!

Hey everybody welcome to my blog! I’m pretty new to this but my little head has been bursting with so many ideas lately I couldn’t help but want to share them with the world! Before I get ahead of myself let me start by introducing myself. My name is Erin Stump and while I dream of someday ending up on HGTV and spending my days happily decorating other peoples homes (because I am in college and can’t afford to decorate my own) I am really nothing more than a small town girl trying to find her way in this big big world.photo (21)

In case you couldn’t guess I want to be an Interior Designer and I am officially half way through the best four years of my life (yes I am a junior don’t remind me) and on my way to making my dreams come true. Along this journey I keep getting the insatiable urge to do all of these little (and sometimes big projects) that I may or may not have found on Pinterest. So if you love DIYing everything in sight as much as I do then you have come to the right place!

I am currently a week away from moving into my first apartment so you can imagine all of the fun stuff I have been doing all summer. Stay tuned to find out what I have in store and see how all of my little adventures turn out!